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There’s a scene in the film Zoolander, where the protagonist male model admits to a secret weakness. On the catwalk he cannot turn left. Only right.

Me and Zoolander, we both have our little secrets.

On a sewing machine I can only sew straight. No curves, no squiggly bits, no zig-zags. I have lived most of my adult life without even consciously realising this. I sew bunting, bags, cushion covers, pencil cases, placemats, table runners, quilts…but they’re all straight.

I had this epiphany when I tried to make a Softie this week and the finished product looked like I had sewn without my glasses on after a couple of drinks.

My husband is kind. He assures me it’s my vindictive little second-hand sewing machine that I bought from a garage sale many years ago. It’s over 20 years old, sounds like a buzz saw and only works if I use the most expensive thread and say a little prayer to the sewing gods beforehand.

I can blame my cantankerous old machine or carry it in my heart bravely like Zoolander.

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