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Vintage Cushion CoversVintage fabric makes me swoon. This fabric comes from a set of old curtains that I discovered in an op-shop. Beautiful condition, virtually unused…be still my heart. I wanted to use the fabric to make up some new cushion covers for our sofa. I used the old cushion covers as a template and followed the zipper tutorial here.  It felt so good to dust off the sewing machine and do some craft again.

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Last Friday night a small miracle occurred and both my toddler and baby were sleeping soundly by 6:50pm.

At 7:00pm I had a gin + tonic in my hand and the contents of my entire fabric stash sprawled over the lounge room floor.

By 8:00pm (and giddy with the success of my recent curvy bib-making enterprise) I had selected, cut and pieced together the fabric for four more bibs.

My good fortune continued and as the house remained quiet, I was able to bring out my crotchety old sewing machine, cajole it into action and sew the pieces together.

The best and most wonderous thing about the night was being able to work on a project, uninterrupted. (Mama Flurfel articulates that feeling perfectly here.)

When I examined the bibs the next morning, it brought to mind an old Persian fable. Persian craftsmen would deliberately include one flaw in their beautifully handcrafted rugs to make them imperfect. This was so that their God would be the only perfect thing in the world. As a humble crafter, I can confidently say that these bibs pay homage to that Persian God. Many times. Particularly around the neckline.

I love these little drool catchers, but that concludes my short bib-making career.

Bib-makers, I salute you.

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Korka baby bib

I made this bib for a friend who lives with her beautiful baby boy in the hippie heartland of North Coast NSW. The fabric was given to me as a gift a few years ago from a cousin in Alice Springs. Observant followers will note the curved edges of the bib. Baby steps people, baby steps. My sister and I are still yet to launch our Etsy shop, but in the meantime I thought I’d give one of our little woven labels a try.

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There’s a scene in the film Zoolander, where the protagonist male model admits to a secret weakness. On the catwalk he cannot turn left. Only right.

Me and Zoolander, we both have our little secrets.

On a sewing machine I can only sew straight. No curves, no squiggly bits, no zig-zags. I have lived most of my adult life without even consciously realising this. I sew bunting, bags, cushion covers, pencil cases, placemats, table runners, quilts…but they’re all straight.

I had this epiphany when I tried to make a Softie this week and the finished product looked like I had sewn without my glasses on after a couple of drinks.

My husband is kind. He assures me it’s my vindictive little second-hand sewing machine that I bought from a garage sale many years ago. It’s over 20 years old, sounds like a buzz saw and only works if I use the most expensive thread and say a little prayer to the sewing gods beforehand.

I can blame my cantankerous old machine or carry it in my heart bravely like Zoolander.

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