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I love to scanThere are many tools I use in my creative endeavors, but perhaps the most overlooked, yet indispensable, is my scanner. This simple, inexpensive machine allows me to scan old photographs at high resolution, create digital copies of my children’s artwork and bring new digital life to those amazing thrift shop fabric finds. These past few months I’ve become seriously addicted to scanning, and now officially declare it my number one creative tool of choice. There’s a world of possibility out there. My new motto is: If it’s flat, it can be scanned.

If you’re after scanning inspiration, please check out my latest Slideshare offering under my alter ego Make Great below.

Go forth and scan.

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The Land of Bunt

When my son turned one, I may have gone a teensy bit over the top creating a vintage-inspired garden party for him. As part of my plan, I intended to make loads of multi-coloured fabric bunting to drape around our marquee. It started off simple enough…I used scraps of fabric, old cushion covers and groovy 70s shirts from op-shops to create one-of-a-kind fabric bunting flags. About 45 flags in, as my scraps of fabric and patience were starting to dry up, it occurred to me to take measurements of the marquee to calculate how many metres of bunting (and hence flags) I would need to make. I was shocked to discover that I needed to create 110 double-sided, machine stitched flags! By this stage I was completely absorbed in the project and determined to see it to the end. It took weeks and it seemed that during this period the house was littered with cotton threads and little pieces of fabric in every colour of the rainbow. Even though I was delighted with the outcome, it consumed me so completely I didn’t have time to make and decorate a cake (sadly I had to buy one). My husband has now coined a phrase for those times when I disappear into over-ambitious projects…I go to the land of bunt.

A couple of weeks ago Spotlight had an enticing sale of vintage-style fabrics and I couldn’t resist. I’ve started making some smaller scale bunting for some upcoming birthday gifts. My little sis and I are also planning to open an etsy shop with these and other crafty goodies shortly.   I promise my family that there will be no extended holidays in the land of bunt…just an occasional weekend getaway!

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