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The older my babies get, the harder it is to photograph them together. I mean…really hard. They never sit still. This was my effort to take a nice photograph for Fathers Day. We ended up with a handmade card and a box of chocolates.

Any advice, tips or sneaky tricks would be gratefully appreciated.

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Someone today asked if my daughter and her cousin were twins. A little similar in looks, they mostly share a lovely similar temperament. My sister and I agree that ‘these two play well together’.

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She loves the natural world, just like her father.

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Things I’m loving this month:

1. Birthday celebrations.

2. Vintage tablecloths.

3. Gin and tonic with fresh lime.

4. Roses from my uncle after a hard day with the kiddos.

5. Cheese…with pear, walnuts and a glass of red.

6. Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  It’s targeted at young adults but is a fabulous read and gives insight into the issues facing young indigenous people in America.

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