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When Lego announced its controversial Friends range earlier this year, this 1970s Lego advertisement went viral. It featured a young girl in jeans and a blue t-shirt proudly displaying her free-form lego construction. Who knew girls could play with blocks that weren’t pink?!

With all the Lego activity that’s been happening in our home, we stumbled upon this extraordinary website for spare parts called Brick Link. It’s an unofficial Lego marketplace, or as I like to think of it…eBay for Lego. On this website you can purchase just about anything relating to Lego including rare missing parts and old Lego kits from as early as the 1960s.

Some of the old Lego imagery is beautiful in its simplicity. Here’s a selection of my favourites, alongside their contemporary counterparts.

Lego House: 1970 and 2011

Lego Police Headquarters: 1976 and 2011

Lego Fire Station: 1970 and 2011

Lego Aeroplane: 1974 and 2010

Lego Truck: 1967 and 2010

Someone could write a thesis on how Lego reflects changing trends in our society.

Though I think I’d rather build it.

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My baby girl has had a cold these past few days. This means that she’s been having difficultly breathing through her nose…which means that she hasn’t been able to sleep with her dummy…which means that there has been little sleep for us all.

Given that we’ve already put in some hard yards, we are using this opportunity to wean her from the dummy. It’s not easy. It’s intensive, like nursing someone through an addiction.

The past 24 hours I haven’t managed to get out of my pajamas. I like to think it will catch on as the latest in parenting apparel, a range of sleep wear/street wear.

Strange, but it seems we were all using her dummy as a sleep aid.

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