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Two kids, two cats, countless boxes and we finally made the move from a two bedroom flat to a three bedroom house. Only a few blocks away, it may as well have been to the moon. It’s the first time I’ve moved since I’ve had children and it was a crazy, exhausting experience. At the end of moving day I realised I’d worn sneakers with jeans all day in my own personal homage to Jerry Seinfeld. A defining fashion moment in my life. My husband now has a beard for the first time because he hasn’t been able to find his razors for a month. At some point we’ve just had to embrace the chaos.

We’ve been in our new home for two weeks and things are starting to settle into place. The house is gaining some semblance of order and cleanliness, there’s food in the fridge and I’m not thinking twice about where the the bread or sugar or nappies or big saucepan with the lid or spatula or scissors or cat food is.

I haven’t looked at my Reader for a month so am looking forward to catching up on all the news in the blogosphere.

Now if only I could just find my glasses…

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