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These past two weeks I’ve had an unexpected and extended stay with my sister in The Land of Bunt. Let’s say we were ‘focused’ making fabulous, pretty things to sell at her children’s school fete. Unfortunately these trips do not come without their price. A messy house, stressful last minute meals and of course those little tiny, teensy bits of fabric EVERYWHERE. Since my return I have been cleaning, cuddling my kids, washing, cooking and looking at the world anew. Six loads of washing later and I’m starting to make some inroads. Today when the novelty of cleaning was starting to wear thin, daughter and I decided on some retail therapy of the eco-friendly and frugalicious variety.

From L-R:

Woollen skirt, $5

Emu puppet, $1

New Bonds PJs, $2

Barbie doll with groovy hair, $1

Books, $2

Toys for the boy, $1.50

Clothes for the girl, $3

Thomas Beach Towel, $2

Doll’s house bath, 50c (You wouldn’t believe what a hit this has been with the 2 year old boy)

1970s Aboriginal print scarf, $7

$25, not a bad haul.

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I’m a little late to the party, but I’m about to jump on the Project Life bandwagon. What is Project Life? It’s described by its creator Becky Higgins as “a back to basics approach to memory-keeping”. Personally I’d describe it as a mix between a photo album and a scrapbook.  Lots of bloggy-ladies participate in Project Life and I’ve been particularly inspired by Liz Tamanaha at Paislee Press and Elise Blaha over at Elise Blaha.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a packet of page protectors and some blank journaling cards through Becky Higgins’ website and these were shipped pretty quickly without any postage fee.  I’m planning to chronicle each month and have already collected the images for January and sorted these into themes.

I think it’s a little sad that in this digital era we don’t keep photo albums anymore.  I’d love to have something tangible that documents the highlights (or even lowlights) of every month, or just those images that resonate with me.  I’ll be posting some pics of my January pages shortly, and goodness with February just about to end, I had better get moving.

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Things I’m loving this month:

1. Birthday celebrations.

2. Vintage tablecloths.

3. Gin and tonic with fresh lime.

4. Roses from my uncle after a hard day with the kiddos.

5. Cheese…with pear, walnuts and a glass of red.

6. Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  It’s targeted at young adults but is a fabulous read and gives insight into the issues facing young indigenous people in America.

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