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Last Friday night a small miracle occurred and both my toddler and baby were sleeping soundly by 6:50pm.

At 7:00pm I had a gin + tonic in my hand and the contents of my entire fabric stash sprawled over the lounge room floor.

By 8:00pm (and giddy with the success of my recent curvy bib-making enterprise) I had selected, cut and pieced together the fabric for four more bibs.

My good fortune continued and as the house remained quiet, I was able to bring out my crotchety old sewing machine, cajole it into action and sew the pieces together.

The best and most wonderous thing about the night was being able to work on a project, uninterrupted. (Mama Flurfel articulates that feeling perfectly here.)

When I examined the bibs the next morning, it brought to mind an old Persian fable. Persian craftsmen would deliberately include one flaw in their beautifully handcrafted rugs to make them imperfect. This was so that their God would be the only perfect thing in the world. As a humble crafter, I can confidently say that these bibs pay homage to that Persian God. Many times. Particularly around the neckline.

I love these little drool catchers, but that concludes my short bib-making career.

Bib-makers, I salute you.

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