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Someone today asked if my daughter and her cousin were twins. A little similar in looks, they mostly share a lovely similar temperament. My sister and I agree that ‘these two play well together’.

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Last week I ordered my little girl her first pair of shoes. These shoes are made by a company called Baby Paws, which is located in Australia. The shoes are handmade upon individual request. It’s nice to have something this special that is locally made.

I used the same brand for my little boy’s first pair of shoes. They are pictured here, thoroughly worn in with the indents of his little toes. I love the story these shoes tell. He was so active, it almost wiped me out. Running around like he was built for speed. Too worn and threadbare to give charity, I will keep them forever.

I can’t wait to see the story my daughter’s first shoes tell.

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This past week we have been visiting my family interstate. My mum lives on the outskirts of the Barossa Valley in South Australia, in a little place I like to think of as the land the Internet forgot.

As a parent, I’m starting to approach these trips with a mixture of excitement and dread. I love seeing my family but it’s the ‘getting there’ that’s the hard part.

Imagine a slippery little fish flip-flopping around on the jetty…then try and put a seatbelt on it. This is our boy, pumped with excitement, on a flight. Ten minutes in and he’d quickly vetoed his carefully selected activity books and become disinterested in the in-flight entertainment. He squirmed and wriggled and protested relentlessly about the unjustness of his seatbelt. The only things that gave us any time-out were snippets of movies on the iPad, in-flight refreshments and a little excursion to investigate the bathroom facilities. Thoroughly.

The baby was a lot easier. The flights had been timed to coincide with her naps and she complied beautifully. (This may be due in no small part to the return of our old nemesis, the dummy.)

Highlights of the trip:

Celebrating the first birthday of a little miracle boy.

The crazy chaos when the whole family got together for a photo shoot.

Marvelling at the changes in all my nieces and nephews.

Watching my brother-in-law’s stand up comedy act.

Finding a babysitter in the most unsuspecting of places.

Lots of cups of tea with my mum and my sisters.

Listening to my little brother sing Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah at the kitchen table after dinner. That song was in my head for days.

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Lego mon·key  [ˈlɛgəʊ ˈmʌŋkɪ]


1.      A person who constructs Lego models at a child’s bidding.

The Lego revolution has started in our place. What our 2 year old son lacks in dexterity and concentration, he makes up for in dad-labour.

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When you marry an ecologist you’ll never hold another can of inspect spray in your hand again.  Nothing dies on their watch. There have only been two occasions when I have drawn a line in the sand over our little multi-legged friends.  The first was when I discovered 150 newly hatched baby huntsmen spiders in the baby nursery.  The second was the discovery of a family of redback spiders living happily in our compost bin. And even then, he hesitated.

I wasn’t prepared for our children to be similarly inclined and this has been one of my greatest parenting challenges.  Unlike my son, at least my husband has the good sense never to come running towards me with an outstretched hand yelling delightedly:

“Look at my spider/millipede/dragonfly/beetle/skink/moth!”

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6 months

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Summer at Last

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