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Library Loot

10 month old Madame has been demanding outings everyday. She is a bit free-ranging like her brother and punishes us mercilessly with grizzles until we comply. Of late we have been taking her to parks, playgroups, the chicken shop, the butcher, the supermarket, the local construction site and plenty of cafes. Yesterday she had her first trip to the library and she loved it. There’s wasn’t too much damage she could do, except to the ear-drums of library-goers. The exciting part was that I got to take home a bag of loot.

Of course the irony that I will not have time to read the books, is not lost on me.

Still, it makes me happy having them around.

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Recently I have become interested in design. I love that this blog gives me the opportunity to play around with photography and layout, though my technical skills leave a lot to be desired.

Last week I bought a book called Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans: 365 Graphic Design Commandments by Sean Adams, Peter Dawson, John Foster and Tony Seddon. The book, which is written by industry insiders, outlines 365 commandments for graphic design in a lighthearted manner. These commandments fall under six categories namely typography, layout, colour, imagery, print and the practice of design. Some of the commandments are basic and intuitive, while others are quite technical.

Here’s my top ten:

  1. Thou shall not use Microsoft Word for layouts
  2. Thou shall periodically check a printed copy rather than viewing a layout on screen
  3. Thou shall archive meticulously at all times
  4. Thou shall not use photoshop filters to disguise a low quality image
  5. Thou shall think of white space as a colour and use it positively
  6. Thou shall use layers to organise type, colour and imagery
  7. Thou shall accept that Times New Roman has its uses
  8. Thou shall not add two spaces after a full stop
  9. Thou shall triple check your document size before you start your layout
  10. Thou shall learn the rules before you break them

I love the layout of this book.  I think it’s a great resource for the novice designer and easy to read if you’re time-poor.

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I vaguely remember a time when I read books for pleasure in the evening, usually by the lamplight on my bedside table, and would occasionally stay up till 3:00am to finish the book!  These days it seems I’m lucky to read the news online or be inspired by a fabulous blog.  I would love this to change. Here I intend to keep track of all the books I read this year, though I fear this may be a short list. First up…The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.  First page looks like a cracker.

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